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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Matt Warshaw, 12 books
Francess Lin Lantz, 8 books
Peter L. Dixon, 5 books
Rick Bundschuh, 5 books
Drew Kampion, 5 books
Ben Marcus, 5 books
Melissa J. Morgan, 4 books
Francess Lantz, 4 books
Nat Young, 3 books
William Povletich, 3 books
Tim Winton, 3 books
Elizabeth Spurr, 3 books
Terry Denton, 3 books
Jaimal Yogis, 3 books
H. Arthur Klein, 3 books
Jerolyn Ann Nentl, 2 books
Mason, Paul, 2 books
Scott Bass, 2 books
Bethany Hamilton, 2 books
Jennifer Gordon Sattler, 2 books
Kwame Alexander, 2 books
Robert Sidney Bowen, 2 books
Joseph J. Cook, 2 books
Ross Robert Olney, 2 books
Nancy N. Rue, 2 books


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