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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Malcolm Gladwell, 4 books
Hal Marcovitz, 3 books
Kil U, 3 books
Gene A. Budig, 2 books
Judy L. Hasday, 2 books
John F. Grabowski, 2 books
James Baldwin, 2 books
Donald Trump, 2 books
Konstantin Borovoĭ, 2 books
Sarah Pekkanen, 2 books
Mila Milosavljević, 2 books
Rita Anand, 2 books
Burt Prelutsky, 1 book
Laurie Lanzen Harris, 1 book
David Kendall, 1 book
Santarāma, 1 book
Essie E. Lee, 1 book
Singer, Israel Joshua, 1 book
William Mark Habeeb, 1 book
Nancy Carson, 1 book
Jerry I. Porras, 1 book
Autumn Libal, 1 book
Rufus W. McKinney, 1 book
Laura Demasi, 1 book
Jeff Grout, 1 book


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