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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Nancy Bartholomew, 4 books
Erin McCarthy, 3 books
Andre Dubus III, 3 books
Gary Paulsen, 3 books
Ann Wood, 3 books
Erik Lee Preminger, 2 books
Lily Burana, 2 books
Jenny Scholten, 2 books
Levine, Paul, 2 books
Len Rothe, 2 books
Laurell K. Hamilton, 2 books
Carl Hiaasen, 2 books
Judson Rosebush, 2 books
Joan Brady, 2 books
Janice Jones, 1 book
Tempest Storm, 1 book
Lauri Lewin, 1 book
Sheri Whitefeather, 1 book
Shelley Bradley, 1 book
Jane Briggeman, 1 book
Rachel Shteir, 1 book
Jennifer Axen, 1 book
Shannon Holmes, 1 book
Dita Von Teese, 1 book
Dusza, Erika., 1 book


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