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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tony Skinner, 9 books
Hugh Colledge, 7 books
Tony Bacon, 7 books
David Blackwell, 5 books
Raymond Burley, 5 books
Kathy Blackwell, 5 books
Paul Day, 5 books
Michael Raven, 4 books
Katharine Colledge, 4 books
Bob Young, 3 books
Jim Gregory, 3 books
Harvey Vinson, 3 books
Nick Freeth, 3 books
Chaz Hart, 3 books
Katherine Colledge, 3 books
Charles Alexander, 3 books
Christopher Bull, 2 books
Peter Gelling, 2 books
Bacon, 2 books
Robert Shaw, 2 books
Aerosmith, 2 books
Dave Rubin, 2 books
Music Sales Corporation, 2 books
Matt Scharfglass, 2 books
Dave Hunter, 2 books


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