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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bob Phillips, 10 books
John Williams, 8 books
Andrew Dabczynski, 7 books
Robert Phillips, 5 books
Randy Sabien, 4 books
John Nieto, 4 books
Duke Ellington, 3 books
Laurie Hart, 3 books
Greg Sandell, 3 books
William Zinn, 3 books
Ralph Matesky, 3 books
Ardelle Womack, 3 books
Steve Baker, 2 books
Francesco Geminiani, 2 books
Hideo M. Kimura, 2 books
Jacquelyn Dillon, 2 books
James Kjelland, 2 books
Steve Baher, 2 books
Heeday Kimura, 2 books
Richard Meyer, 2 books
Artie Traum, 1 book
William Primrose, 1 book
Bill Guest, 1 book
Samuel Applebaum, 1 book
Robert Dearling, 1 book


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