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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joe Celko, 14 books
Paul DuBois, 6 books
James R. Groff, 6 books
Janet Valade, 5 books
Sikha Bagui, 5 books
C. J. Date, 5 books
Ryan K. Stephens, 5 books
Jan L. Harrington, 5 books
Jim Melton, 5 books
Rick F. van der Lans, 5 books
Jonathan Sayles, 5 books
Jonathan Gennick, 4 books
Steve O'Hearn, 4 books
Allen G. Taylor, 4 books
SAS Institute, 4 books
Ben Forta, 4 books
Carolyn J. Hursch, 4 books
Paul N. Weinberg, 3 books
George Reese, 3 books
Luke Welling, 3 books
Michael Kofler, 3 books
Steven Feuerstein, 3 books
Michael R. Ault, 3 books
Alice Rischert, 3 books
Alan Beaulieu, 3 books


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