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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Curt Smith, 5 books
Joseph Perreira, 4 books
Madden, John, 3 books
Sid Hartman, 3 books
Dick Vitale, 3 books
Hank Stram, 2 books
Milo Hamilton, 2 books
Myron Cope, 2 books
Charlie Adams, 2 books
Dick Irvin, 2 books
Helen Brenna, 2 books
Ben Wright, 2 books
Michael Patrick Shiels, 2 books
Jim Nantz, 2 books
Patrick Reusse, 2 books
Brian McFarlane, 2 books
Dick Enberg, 2 books
Felix Francis, 2 books
Max Falkenstien, 2 books
Tim McCarver, 2 books
Allen, David., 2 books
Scott Young, 2 books
Murray Walker, 2 books
Red Barber, 2 books
Frank Gifford, 2 books


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