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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hall, Marshall, 5 books
Paul Redard, 4 books
Jean-Martin Charcot, 4 books
F. W. Mott, 3 books
W. R. Gowers, 3 books
Bruce, Alexander, 3 books
James E. Wilberger, 3 books
P. J. Vinken, 3 books
G. W. Bruyn, 3 books
R. S. Creed, 3 books
Alexander Bruce, 3 books
Henry Robert Heather Bigg, 3 books
Sara Palmer, 3 books
Vernon W. Lin, 3 books
Scott W. Atlas, 3 books
Alf Breig, 3 books
Sigmund Freud, 2 books
Victor M. Haughton, 2 books
Abercrombie, John, 2 books
Marie, Pierre, 2 books
Robert Francis Murphy, 2 books
Bok Y. Lee, 2 books
Lauro S. Halstead, 2 books
Claude Bernard, 2 books
Emil Villiger, 2 books


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