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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sunflower Guides, 6 books
John Long, 5 books
Koushun Takami, 5 books
Masayuki Taguchi, 5 books
Gerald Hoberman, 4 books
Jennifer Ramsey, 4 books
Rob Rachowiecki, 4 books
Ed Readicker-Henderson, 4 books
Peggy Adams, 3 books
Thomas Penfield, 3 books
Casey Mahaney, 3 books
Robert Young Pelton, 3 books
Bert Gildart, 3 books
Jane Gildart, 3 books
Danny Palmerlee, 3 books
Astrid Witte Mahaney, 3 books
Peter Massey, 3 books
Marc Hoberman, 3 books
June Conord, 3 books
Lynn Readicker-Henderson, 3 books
Jeanne Wilson, 3 books
Jacquetta Megarry, 2 books
Jessica Draper, 2 books
Ewan McGregor, 2 books
John McCarthy, 2 books


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