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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Phillip Keveren, 4 books
Fred Kern, 4 books
Mona Rejino, 4 books
Irwin P. Beadle & Co. (1859-1860), 4 books
Creative Concepts Publishing, 3 books
John L. Haag, 3 books
David Bussick, 3 books
Gustav Holst, 2 books
John Williams, 2 books
Noah Greenberg, 2 books
Journey, 2 books
Steve Perry, 2 books
Peter Blood, 2 books
Annie Patterson, 2 books
Arranger, 2 books
Annie Kubler, 2 books
Frank Lynn, 2 books
Arnold Broido, 2 books
Felix Greissle, 2 books
Mason, Lowell, 1 book
Edie Hand, 1 book
Howard S. Rubenstein, 1 book
Haskin, Frederic J., 1 book
Gloria Gaither, 1 book
Beatrice Landeck, 1 book


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