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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
P. M. Huang, 5 books
E. N. Mishustin, 5 books
Waksman, Selman A., 3 books
Dennis Parkinson, 3 books
Balfour, Evelyn Barbara Lady, 3 books
T. R. G. Gray, 3 books
Patrice Dion, 3 books
F. M. S. Moreira, 3 books
Tsutomu Hattori, 2 books
Rajiv K. Sinha, 2 books
C. B. Lipman, 2 books
N. D. Sorokin, 2 books
Cooper, J. E., 2 books
Jeff Lowenfels, 2 books
S. Kannaiyan, 2 books
Edward B. Voorhees, 2 books
S. D. Garrett, 2 books
W. P. Kelley, 2 books
O. N. Allen, 2 books
C. L. Duddington, 2 books
Leander F. Johnson, 2 books
S. Visser, 2 books
Jacques Pochon, 2 books
Martin Alexander, 2 books
Multiple Contributors, 2 books


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