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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Charles Leslie, 16 books
Janusz Tazbir, 6 books
Johann Crell, 6 books
Faustus Socinus, 5 books
Zbigniew Ogonowski, 5 books
Earl Morse Wilbur, 4 books
Samuel Przypkowski, 4 books
Louis Maimbourg, 4 books
Thomas M. Lindsay, 4 books
Owen, John, 4 books
J. Gailhard, 4 books
Lech Szczucki, 4 books
John Edwards, 4 books
Andreas Wissowatius, 3 books
Andrew Fuller, 3 books
Stanisław Kot, 3 books
Ludwik Chmaj, 3 books
Edward Hare, 3 books
H. C. De Luzancy, 3 books
William Gaskell, 3 books
Edward Stillingfleet, 3 books
William Sherlock, 3 books
Jacques Abbadie, 3 books
Johann Amos Comenius, 2 books
Friedrich Samuel Bock, 2 books


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