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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mark P. Zanna, 12 books
Thomas K. Srull, 12 books
Robert S. Wyer, 10 books
Joseph P. Forgas, 10 books
Bertram Gawronski, 6 books
Willem Doise, 5 books
Ivana Marková, 5 books
Jr., Robert S. Wyer, 5 books
Iain Walker, 5 books
Henry Clay Smith, 4 books
Howard E. Sypher, 4 books
Judith A. Howard, 4 books
Marilynn B. Brewer, 4 books
Fritz Strack, 4 books
A. A. Bodalev, 4 books
Susan T. Fiske, 4 books
Stephen Willats, 3 books
Serge Moscovici, 3 books
Albert H. Hastorf, 3 books
Jo-Ellan Dimitrius, 3 books
Joel Best, 3 books
Andrew J. DuBrin, 3 books
Douglas T. Kenrick, 3 books
Jocelyn A. Hollander, 3 books
Martha Augoustinos, 3 books