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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
D. Michael Stoddart, 3 books
R. H. Wright, 3 books
Trygg Engen, 3 books
Annick Le Guérer, 3 books
Katherine Howard, 3 books
Trygg Engen, 3 books
Bonnie Blodgett, 2 books
Jennifer Boothroyd, 2 books
Nelson Coon, 2 books
Megan McDonald, 2 books
R. W. Moncrieff, 2 books
Alain Corbin, 2 books
Jenny Bryan, 2 books
Allan Fowler, 2 books
Ruth Winter, 2 books
H. Cloquet, 2 books
Katherine Howard, 2 books
Domenico De Maio, 2 books
Richard L. Doty, 2 books
Ellen Weiss, 2 books
Maria Rius, 2 books
Henry Pluckrose, 2 books
Philip Hawthorn, 2 books
Jose Maria Parramon, 2 books
J. J. Puig, 2 books


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