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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Deborah Treisman, 4 books
Jean Stein, 3 books
Jim Clark, 3 books
Michael Hemmingson, 2 books
Manuel Camarero, 2 books
Theodore Roosevelt, 2 books
Varios, 2 books
Michele Slung, 2 books
Henry Cabot Lodge, 2 books
Jeanne Allen, 2 books
Tim Pratt, 2 books
La Jill Hunt, 2 books
Gladys Yang, 2 books
Sheri L. McGathy, 2 books
Jeanine Berry, 2 books
Shannah Biondine, 2 books
Fernando Carratala, 2 books
Zane., 2 books
Thomas Long, 2 books
Robert Chibka, 1 book
Nancy Zafris, 1 book
Christian Hansen, 1 book
Mary Heath, 1 book
John Porter, 1 book
Charles H. Bohner, 1 book


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