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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Iain Lawrence, 3 books
John Flanagan, 3 books
Laurie S. Sutton, 3 books
Django Wexler, 2 books
Liz Kessler, 2 books
Maria V. Snyder, 2 books
Avi, 2 books
Elizabeth Levy, 2 books
Laurie Friedman, 2 books
Peter Bently, 2 books
Matt de la Peña, 2 books
Dan Gutman, 2 books
Barton, Bob, 1 book
John Ryan, 1 book
G. P. Taylor, 1 book
April Jones Prince, 1 book
Michael P. Spradlin, 1 book
Dietlof Reiche, 1 book
Robert Neubecker, 1 book
Scott Nickel, 1 book
Kim Ablon Whitney, 1 book
David Costello, 1 book
Jason Surrell, 1 book
Steve Light, 1 book
James Dashner, 1 book


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