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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Herman Melville, 50 books
Patrick O'Brian, 43 books
Douglas Reeman, 29 books
Richard Woodman, 20 books
Jules Verne, 19 books
Ardizzone, Edward, 14 books
Joseph Conrad, 13 books
Patrick O'Brian, 12 books
Simon Vance, 11 books
Jack London, 10 books
C. S. Forester, 9 books
Edward Rowe Snow, 8 books
L. A. Meyer, 8 books
Peter Benchley, 8 books
Edward Ardizzone, 7 books
Ocean, Davy, 7 books
William Henry Giles Kingston, 6 books
Daisy Meadows, 5 books
Joseph Lewis French, 5 books
Bonnie Pryor, 5 books
Frederick Marryat, 5 books
Dewey Lambdin, 5 books
Showell Styles, 5 books
Nicholas Monsarrat, 5 books
Colin Thiele, 5 books


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