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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Marnie C. Ferree, 4 books
Mark R. Laaser, 3 books
Patrick Carnes, 3 books
Stephen Jay Schwartz, 3 books
John Lutz, 2 books
Chuck Palahniuk, 2 books
Anonymous, 2 books
Joan Johnston, 2 books
Phillip Thomas Duck, 2 books
Walter, 2 books
Julie Hilden, 2 books
Hubert Selby, Jr., 2 books
Zane., 2 books
Philip Roth, 2 books
Pier Paolo Pasolini, 2 books
Dennis Henning, 1 book
Brina Svit, 1 book
Ernest Lehman, 1 book
Ian Philips, 1 book
Greg Wharton, 1 book
Alexander, R. W., 1 book
Edmund Schiddel, 1 book
Edward L., 1 book
Lee, St. George, 1 book
Ernest Walters, 1 book


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