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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
George J. Mountain, 10 books
Newman Hall, 9 books
James Carmichael, 9 books
Henry Wilkes, 7 books
John Barclay, 7 books
William MacLaren, 7 books
James Simpson, 7 books
James Caughey, 6 books
William Cochrane, 6 books
J. C. Cochran, 6 books
Andrew King, 5 books
William Brunton, 5 books
Arthur Palmer, 5 books
Robert Willis, 5 books
James Green, 4 books
George Cubitt, 4 books
David Inglis, 4 books
Egerton Ryerson, 4 books
George Coster, 4 books
W. T. Herridge, 4 books
G. Smellie, 4 books
Robert Wallace, 4 books
William Williams, 4 books
W. Macaulay, 4 books
Alexander Sanson, 4 books


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