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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jacques Bénigne Bossuet, 23 books
Rudolf Lenz, 23 books
Cotton Mather, 14 books
Nathaniel Hardy, 13 books
William Bates, 13 books
Thomas Prince, 11 books
Nathanael Emmons, 10 books
Samuel Slater, 9 books
Benjamin Colman, 8 books
Howe, John, 8 books
Ebenezer Hill, 8 books
John Shower, 8 books
John Collinges, 8 books
Calamy, Edmund, 8 books
Thacher, Peter, 7 books
Woods, Leonard, 7 books
Ezra S. Gannett, 7 books
Taylor, Jeremy, 7 books
Sprague, William Buell, 7 books
Daniel C. Eddy, 6 books
Thomas Gataker, 6 books
Samuel Urlsperger, 6 books
Micah Stone, 6 books
John Hubbard Church, 6 books
John Stanford, 6 books