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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Nicci French, 4 books
Curtis Sittenfeld, 3 books
John O'Hara, 3 books
David Lapham, 3 books
Karen Kingsbury, 3 books
Dorothy Baker, 2 books
Norman L. Farberow, 2 books
Romulus Linney, 2 books
Marie Corelli, 2 books
Sabrina Chapadjiev, 2 books
K. Ryer Breese, 2 books
Dusty Miller, 2 books
Rolland S. Parker, 2 books
John White, 1 book
Volker Pöhls, 1 book
Carlo Bordini, 1 book
Jan S. Handleman, 1 book
Lois Arnold, 1 book
Fred Cutter, 1 book
Martin, Charles, 1 book
Rene Gutteridge, 1 book
Davis, Lisa, 1 book
Adam Wasson, 1 book
Karen E. Quinones Miller, 1 book
Leo Dubray, 1 book


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