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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Roger Marshall, 5 books
Ferenc Mate, 5 books
John Leather, 4 books
Joshua Slocum, 4 books
Don Casey, 4 books
John Vigor, 4 books
Maynard Bray, 3 books
Jesús Blanco, 3 books
David Seidman, 3 books
Steve Henkel, 3 books
Smith, Bernard, 2 books
Perry, Robert H., 2 books
Ross Norgrove, 2 books
Czesław A. Marchaj, 2 books
Neil Hollander, 2 books
Hewitt Schlereth, 2 books
Brian Gilbert, 2 books
Uffa Fox, 2 books
L. Francis Herreshoff, 2 books
Smith, Charles, 2 books
Joseph Gribbins, 2 books
Benjamin Mendlowitz, 2 books
Royal Yachting Association, 2 books
Roger Wardale, 2 books
Lawrie Smith, 2 books


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