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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pat Langley-Price, 13 books
Philip Ouvry, 13 books
Basil D'Oliveira, 10 books
Brian Goulder, 10 books
Bob Bond, 10 books
Lin Pardey, 9 books
Edward Lee-Elliott, 9 books
Bill Robinson, 9 books
Peter Heaton, 7 books
Stephen Colgate, 7 books
Richard Henderson, 7 books
Uffa Fox, 6 books
Jeff Toghill, 6 books
Gary Jobson, 6 books
John Arthur Ransome Marriott, 6 books
Alan Villiers, 6 books
Coles, K. Adlard, 6 books
Roland Denk, 5 books
Larry Pardey, 5 books
Mike Peyton, 5 books
Alan Watts, 5 books
Ferenc Mate, 5 books
Tom Cunliffe, 5 books
Thomas Wallace Knox, 4 books
Eric C. Hiscock, 4 books


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