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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Green, 4 books
Cecilia Gray, 3 books
Kenneth Oppel, 2 books
R. L. Stine, 2 books
Allan Frewin Jones, 2 books
Terry Gilliam, 1 book
Samantha Boyette, 1 book
Vikki Vansickle, 1 book
Jason L. Henderson, 1 book
Elise M. Himes, 1 book
Sheri S. Levy, 1 book
M. E. Cunningham, 1 book
M. E. Rhines, 1 book
A. L. Mundt, 1 book
R. T. Lowe, 1 book
Sandra Dreis, 1 book
Devyn Dawson, 1 book
Jean-Luc Marcastel, 1 book
Janis Dawson, 1 book
M. R. Merrick, 1 book
Margeaux Nall, 1 book
Manoj S. Modak, 1 book
Abdel-Hafed Benotman, 1 book
Alecia Stone, 1 book
C. R. Fladmark, 1 book