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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dick Purnell, 4 books
Justin Lookadoo, 2 books
Kerri L. Pomarolli, 2 books
Young, Ben., 2 books
Susie Shellenberger, 2 books
Johnson, Greg, 2 books
Eric Ludy, 2 books
William P. Smith, 2 books
Joshua Harris, 2 books
Hunt, Gary., 2 books
Michael J. Salamon, 1 book
Butler, John, 1 book
Tim Pauls, 1 book
Camerin Courtney, 1 book
Hilton, John III., 1 book
Hayley DiMarco, 1 book
Matthew Paul Turner, 1 book
Max Murphy, 1 book
Michael Smalley, 1 book
Jason King, 1 book
Toben Heim, 1 book
T. G. Morrow, 1 book
Emily Parke Chase, 1 book
Blair Tolman, 1 book
Robert K. Kelley, 1 book