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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Max Velthuijs, 11 books
Geronimo Stilton, 9 books
George Paxinos, 8 books
Shinkishi Hatai, 6 books
Robert C. O'Brien, 5 books
Stephan Pastis, 5 books
Marjorie Weinman Sharmat, 5 books
Avi, 5 books
Beatrix Potter, 5 books
David E. Lantz, 5 books
S. A. Barnett, 4 books
Lorenzo Liberto, 4 books
Sam Savage, 4 books
Tor Seidler, 4 books
James Rollin Slonaker, 4 books
Jean de La Fontaine, 4 books
Greg Hildebrandt, 4 books
Kara LaReau, 3 books
Monika Bang-Campbell, 3 books
Louis J. Pellegrino, 3 books
Anne Kouts, 3 books
Judy Cox, 3 books
B. F. Skinner, 3 books
Steven H. Weisbroth, 3 books
Lisa Fiedler, 3 books


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