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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pierre Desault, 6 books
World Health Organization, 5 books
Louis Pasteur, 4 books
George Pinckard, 3 books
Benjamin Moseley, 3 books
Renaud Suzor, 3 books
A. Lutaud, 3 books
Christopher Nugent, 3 books
James Thacher, 2 books
Robert Hamilton, 2 books
Mead, Richard, 2 books
Leroux M., 2 books
Hughes, Henry, 2 books
Lorrie Klosterman, 2 books
J. Bourrel, 2 books
Henry William Herbert, 2 books
J. George Adami, 2 books
George M. Baer, 2 books
James Mease, 2 books
Dorothy Garlock, 2 books
Joseph Enaux, 2 books
James, R., 2 books
Samuel Argent Bardsley, 2 books
Henri Marie Bouley, 2 books
Robert Reid, 2 books


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