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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
René Vallery-Radot, 22 books
Pasteur Vallery-Radot, 6 books
René J. Dubos, 5 books
Elie Metchnikoff, 4 books
Emile Duclaux, 4 books
Jacques Nicolle, 3 books
Stephen Paget, 3 books
L. Descour, 3 books
Annick Perrot, 3 books
Richard Moreau, 3 books
Sacha Guitry, 2 books
James Bryant Conant, 2 books
Piers Compton, 2 books
Xavier Raspail, 2 books
Eleanor Doorly, 2 books
Hilaire Cuny, 2 books
Carol Greene, 2 books
Albert Delaunay, 2 books
Spencer Johnson, 2 books
E. Douglas Hume, 2 books
Bruno Latour, 2 books
Percy Frankland, 2 books
Liz Miles, 2 books
Lisa Zamosky, 2 books
Steve Parker, 2 books


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