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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Frank J. Dixon, 41 books
Herman Friedman, 30 books
Frederick W. Alt, 28 books
Abul K. Abbas, 17 books
Andrew H. Lichtman, 16 books
Julius M. Cruse, 13 books
Mauro Bendinelli, 12 books
W. Arber, 12 books
Noel R. Rose, 11 books
Joseph A. Bellanti, 9 books
Warren E. Levinson, 9 books
Henry G. Kunkel, 9 books
Ivan M. Roitt, 9 books
S. H. E. Kaufmann, 9 books
Thomas W. Klein, 9 books
Burnet, F. M. Sir, 8 books
William E. Paul, 8 books
D. M. Weir, 8 books
Adam Finn, 8 books
Constantin A. Bona, 8 books
Jonathan Brostoff, 8 books
Anthony S. Fauci, 7 books
M. Eric Gershwin, 7 books
Gabriel Virella, 7 books
Manfred Zierhut, 7 books


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