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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Elisabeth Bing, 3 books
Shoumei Zhuang, 3 books
Fordyce Barker, 2 books
Lyn DelliQuadri, 2 books
Judith M. Gansberg, 2 books
John Clarence Webster, 2 books
Elly Rakowitz, 2 books
E. Rakowitz, 2 books
G. Rubin, 2 books
Diane G. Sanford, 2 books
Henry Manning, 2 books
Glade B. Curtis, 2 books
Tamar Kron, 2 books
Ann Dunnewold, 2 books
Meiya Xu, 2 books
Siyi Li, 2 books
Liru Wang, 2 books
Carol Laderman, 2 books
Rowley, William, 1 book
Hall, Marshall, 1 book
Alok Sharma, 1 book
Catherine Cassidy, 1 book
Nancy A. Bowers, 1 book
Joanne Kimes, 1 book
Hank Pizer, 1 book


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