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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Erich Fromm, 8 books
George Herbert Mead, 5 books
David G. Myers, 4 books
Willem Doise, 3 books
Serge Moscovici, 3 books
Herbert Marcuse, 3 books
Wilhelm Reich, 3 books
Jean-Marc Monteil, 3 books
Gustave Le Bon, 2 books
Clyde Hendrick, 2 books
Drury Sherrod, 2 books
John Dewey, 2 books
Alain Accardo, 2 books
Heinz Schleicher, 2 books
Hewitt, John P., 2 books
Steve Duck, 2 books
Neil J. Smelser, 2 books
Margaret S. Clark, 2 books
David P. Barash, 2 books
André Lévy, 2 books
Joseph E. McGrath, 2 books
Max Pagès, 2 books
Simon Laflamme, 2 books
Gergen, Kenneth J., 2 books
Robert A. Baron, 2 books


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