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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Rachel Renée Russell, 12 books
Megan McCafferty, 6 books
Amy Ignatow, 6 books
Carol Gorman, 5 books
Rachel Vail, 4 books
Lauren Oliver, 4 books
Rachel Renée Russell, 3 books
Doris Orgel, 3 books
Rachel Renee Russell, 2 books
Ellen Schreiber, 2 books
Kate Brian, 2 books
Lisa Papademetriou, 2 books
Claudia Mills, 2 books
Elizabeth Atkinson, 2 books
Meg Haston, 2 books
Elise Allen, 2 books
Louis Sachar, 2 books
Tonya Hurley, 2 books
Lynn Cullen, 2 books
Kate Brian, 2 books
Jenny Meyerhoff, 2 books
Ginger Rue, 2 books
James Preller, 2 books
Shani Petroff, 2 books
Alyson Noël, 2 books


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