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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Madonna, 17 books
Darren Shan, 15 books
Ann Brashares, 13 books
Beth Bracken, 13 books
Annie Barrows, 12 books
Jake Maddox, 12 books
Steven Brezenoff, 12 books
Rex Stone, 11 books
Gabrielle Charbonnet, 11 books
Jen Jones, 11 books
M. Masters, 10 books
Karen English, 10 books
Debbie Dadey, 9 books
Shelley Swanson Sateren, 9 books
Laurie B. Friedman, 9 books
Jeff Kinney, 9 books
Julie Bowe, 8 books
Marissa Moss, 8 books
Melody Carlson, 8 books
Wong Herbert Yee, 8 books
Mike Knudson, 8 books
Amy Ignatow, 8 books
Sue Limb, 8 books
Charise Mericle Harper, 7 books
Lauren Myracle, 7 books


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