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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Qazi Ibadur Rahman, 4 books
Morris Marden, 3 books
Robert Vích, 2 books
K. M. Koh, 2 books
Teo Mora, 2 books
Chaillou, Jacques., 2 books
Philip A. Leonard, 2 books
J. L. Walsh, 2 books
Hans Lausch, 2 books
Kiyoshi Maruyama, 2 books
V. I. Bykov, 2 books
W. E. Sewell, 2 books
Raymond A. Barnett, 2 books
Andrzej Schinzel, 2 books
Richard S. Varga, 2 books
F. M. Dong, 2 books
Fischer, Bernd, 2 books
P. D. Domich, 2 books
Nikolaĭ Pavlovich Korneĭchuk, 2 books
Brian Thomas Smith, 2 books
Yoram Hirshfeld, 2 books
Dario Bini, 2 books
Joseph Bryce Tysver, 2 books
J. Ben Hough, 2 books
Marvin J. Greenberg, 2 books


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