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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Karen O'Connor, 21 books
Larry J. Sabato, 20 books
Gareth Schott, 10 books
Burke, 8 books
Susan M. Rigdon, 6 books
John Comer, 6 books
Michael K. Le Roy, 6 books
Beth Henschen, 6 books
John Gruhl, 6 books
S.K Sharma, 6 books
Susan Welch, 6 books
S.R. Bakshi, 5 books
Edward Sidlow, 5 books
Barbara Jancar-Webster, 4 books
W. Raymond Duncan, 4 books
Barry Turner, 4 books
Westel W. Willoughby, 4 books
Edward I. Sidlow, 4 books
Bob Switky, 4 books
Stefan Haag, 4 books
Gabriel A. Almond, 4 books
Russell J. Dalton, 4 books
William F. Willoughby, 4 books
Henning Melber, 4 books
Roy Bentley, 3 books


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