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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
B. Guy Peters, 17 books
John T. Rourke, 11 books
Michael Howlett, 11 books
Stuart S. Nagel, 9 books
Helen Wallace, 9 books
Leslie Alexander Pal, 7 books
Michael Howlett, 7 books
Thomas R. Dye, 6 books
Steven A. Shull, 6 books
Clarke E. Cochran, 5 books
Laure Paquette, 5 books
James E. Anderson, 5 books
Peter Knoepfel, 5 books
David Coen, 5 books
Wallace, William, 4 books
Peter John, 4 books
Ellen B. Pirro, 4 books
Gregory M. Scott, 4 books
Hill, Michael, 4 books
John W. Kingdon, 4 books
Jay M. Shafritz, 4 books
Christoph Knill, 4 books
Hubert Heinelt, 4 books
Leslie A. Pal, 4 books
Larry N. Gerston, 4 books


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