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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Natan Sharansky, 7 books
Peverill Squire, 5 books
Anatoly Shcharansky, 4 books
Eric Smith, 4 books
James Lindsay, 4 books
Ron Dermer, 4 books
Mark Halperin, 3 books
Lloyd I. Rudolph, 3 books
Gareth Schott, 3 books
Cary R Covington, 3 books
John F Harris, 3 books
Robinson Salazar Perez, 3 books
Shira Weiss Wolosky, 3 books
Susanne Hoeber Rudolph, 3 books
Arthur Seldon, 2 books
Isaac Reed, 2 books
Colin Robinson, 2 books
Marjorie Castle, 2 books
Philip Cowley, 2 books
Edward S. Greenberg, 2 books
John Jay, 2 books
Goldman, 2 books
James Madison, 2 books
Berry, 2 books
James M. Lindsay, 2 books


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