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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Donald Hall, 6 books
Paul L. Mariani, 5 books
Allen Ginsberg, 5 books
Hall, Donald, 5 books
Gay Wilson Allen, 5 books
Lyndall Gordon, 4 books
William Kloefkorn, 4 books
Edwin Arlington Robinson, 3 books
Yvor Winters, 3 books
Levertov, Denise, 3 books
Juan Felipe Herrera, 3 books
Rica Brenner, 3 books
William H. Pritchard, 3 books
Gary Snyder, 3 books
Edward Wagenknecht, 3 books
John Meade Haines, 3 books
Charles Simic, 3 books
Anthony Hecht, 3 books
Mark Doty, 3 books
Hart Crane, 3 books
Carpenter, Edward, 2 books
Robert Frost, 2 books
MacLeish, Archibald, 2 books
Lowenfels, Walter, 2 books
Louis Untermeyer, 2 books


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