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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Alan F. Hattersley, 6 books
John Laband, 5 books
Natal Archives Depot., 5 books
Robinson, John Sir, 3 books
P. S. Thompson, 3 books
Bill Guest, 3 books
A. R. Willcox, 2 books
Colin de B. Webb, 2 books
Gordon, Ruth E., 2 books
Jeff Guy, 2 books
Wright, John B., 2 books
Ashwin Desai, 2 books
Robert Morrell, 2 books
Sue Derwent, 2 books
J. L. Smail, 2 books
Harry Camp Lugg, 2 books
W. Clifford Holden, 2 books
Blade Nzimande, 2 books
George Holditch Mason, 2 books
William Clifford Holden, 2 books
Bird, John, 2 books
Benedict Carton, 2 books
John M. Sellers, 2 books
John B. Wright, 2 books
Elisabeth Ardington, 2 books


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