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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Henry Callaway, 3 books
John Laband, 3 books
Lawrence Anthony, 3 books
Adolf Cornelis van Bruggen, 2 books
Mario Radaelli, 2 books
Godfrey Sieber, 2 books
Ian Player, 2 books
Clancey, P. A., 2 books
Ron Selley, 2 books
W. J. Kennedy, 1 book
Charles Ballard, 1 book
Richard C. Whitfield, 1 book
H. Filter, 1 book
Tony Davis, 1 book
Spath, L. F., 1 book
H. H. Curson, 1 book
Jarle Simensen, 1 book
Joan Corner, 1 book
Carol Batrus, 1 book
Tony Cubbin, 1 book
Sofie Norgaard, 1 book
J. G. J. Visser, 1 book
Paul F. Worthington, 1 book
James, William, 1 book
Harry Camp Lugg, 1 book


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