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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
C. S. Lewis, 6 books
Eugenia Price, 5 books
Josh McDowell, 4 books
Sara Miles, 3 books
Nicky Cruz, 3 books
Kanzō Uchimura, 3 books
James R. Adair, 3 books
Charlie Osburn, 2 books
Eldridge Cleaver, 2 books
Crying Wind., 2 books
Brian Welch, 2 books
Thornton Wilder, 2 books
John M. Mulder, 2 books
N. J. Higham, 2 books
Mike Warnke, 2 books
Barry Minkow, 2 books
William J. Murray, 2 books
Joan Ball, 2 books
Helen Temple, 2 books
Lin, Yutang, 2 books
Anna D. Gulick, 2 books
Hugh T. Kerr, 2 books
Gotthard Oblau, 2 books
Michele Renee Salzman, 1 book
Robert W. Hefner, 1 book


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