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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Saint Bede the Venerable, 45 books
G. F. Browne, 8 books
H. R. Loyn, 5 books
Soames, Henry, 4 books
N. J. Higham, 4 books
Peter Hunter Blair, 4 books
D. W. Rollason, 3 books
Hunt, William, 3 books
Margaret Gallyon, 3 books
John Lingard, 3 books
Melvyn Bragg, 3 books
Nicholas Brooks, 3 books
Bruce, F. F., 2 books
John William Lamb, 2 books
Godfrey, John., 2 books
Margaret Deanesly, 2 books
Milton McC Gatch, 2 books
Henry H. Howorth, 2 books
William of Malmesbury, 2 books
Crawford, S. J., 2 books
Wilhelm Levison, 2 books
Patrick Wormald, 2 books
Mason, Arthur James, 2 books
Martin Henig, 2 books
D. N. Dumville, 2 books


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