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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Anton Kreuzer, 9 books
Andreas Moritsch, 6 books
Martin Wutte, 4 books
Neumann, Wilhelm, 4 books
Friedrich W. Leitner, 3 books
Hans G. Trenkwalder, 3 books
August Walzl, 3 books
Janko Messner, 3 books
Yugoslavia., 3 books
Hellwig Valentin, 3 books
Gernot Piccottini, 3 books
Otto Kronsteiner, 2 books
Franz Koschier, 2 books
Alois Maier, 2 books
Paul Siegfried Leber, 2 books
Albert F. Reiterer, 2 books
Stefan Karner, 2 books
Bogo Grafenauer, 2 books
Helmut Rumpler, 2 books
Valentin Inzko, 2 books
Matko Potočnik, 2 books
Paolo Santonino, 2 books
Avguštin Malle, 2 books
Janko Pleterski, 2 books
Helmut Prasch, 2 books


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