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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Abu Bakar, 9 books
Aceh (Indonesia), 7 books
Anthony Reid, 4 books
Abu Jihad, 4 books
Rusdi Sufi, 4 books
Mardanas Safwan, 3 books
Ismuha, 3 books
Atjeh, Indonesia. Gubernur., 3 books
C. Snouck Hurgronje, 3 books
M. Nur el Ibrahimy, 3 books
Ibrahim Hasan, 3 books
A. Hasymy, 3 books
Iskandar Teuku, 2 books
Nyak Arif Teuku, 2 books
S. M. Amin, 2 books
J. J. W. E. Verstege, 2 books
Otto Syamsuddin Ishak, 2 books
M. Junus Djamil, 2 books
Pieter Johannes Veth, 2 books
T. Alibasjah Talsya, 2 books
M. Isa Sulaiman, 2 books
Muchtaruddin Ibrahim, 2 books
Lukman Thaib., 2 books
J. Jongejans, 2 books
Syamsuddin Mahmud, 2 books