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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Charles Scicolone, 5 books
Michele Scicolone, 3 books
Gail Herman, 3 books
Carla Bardi, 3 books
Vincenzo Buonassisi, 3 books
April Jones Prince, 2 books
Aaron Rosenberg, 2 books
Donna Hay, 2 books
Guangcai Hao, 2 books
Grace Maccarone, 2 books
Stephen Krensky, 2 books
Jeffrey Stoodt, 2 books
Jean Marzollo, 2 books
James K. McNair, 2 books
William Steig, 2 books
Joan Holub, 2 books
Alan J. Shalleck, 2 books
Fiona Watt, 2 books
Christina Dobson, 2 books
Elizabeth Karmel, 2 books
Tedd Arnold, 2 books
Vivian French, 2 books
Rosario Buonassisi, 2 books
Saraccio Marretta, 2 books
Norman Kolpas, 2 books


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