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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Norman Kolpas, 7 books
Lorenza De' Medici Stucchi, 6 books
Publications International, Ltd, 5 books
Time-Life Books, 4 books
Joie Warner, 4 books
Julia Della Croce, 4 books
Carla Bardi, 4 books
Vincenzo Buonassisi, 4 books
Michele Anna Jordan, 3 books
Betty Crocker, 3 books
Emily J. Dolbear, 3 books
Qiongbai Liang, 3 books
Leslie Mansfield, 3 books
Evan Kleiman, 3 books
Boyu Zhao, 3 books
Yuankui Zheng, 3 books
Giuliano Hazan, 3 books
Anna Del Conte, 3 books
Donna Hay, 2 books
Merry White, 2 books
Tom Bridge, 2 books
Judith Barrett, 2 books
Marie Simmons, 2 books
Sue Spitler, 2 books
James Beard, 2 books


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