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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jo Neal, 6 books
Sally E. Warren, 6 books
Patty Hansen, 5 books
Irene Dunlap, 5 books
Jeff Keuss, 5 books
Lia Sloth, 5 books
Jeremy Hayward, 4 books
Gerald Jones, 4 books
Graciela Frigerio, 4 books
John Marks Templeton, 3 books
Daniel Cardinal, 3 books
Tina Rae, 3 books
Ines Aguerrondo, 3 books
Barbara S Stengel, 3 books
Alan R. Tom, 3 books
Tony W. Johnson, 3 books
Susan Loucks-Horsley, 2 books
Georg Maier, 2 books
Linda S. Nelson, 2 books
Jonathan Kaplan, 2 books
Senta A. Raizen, 2 books
Bob Jeffrey, 2 books
Massimo Pigliucci, 2 books
Edward Britton, 2 books
Ronald F. Reed, 2 books


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