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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Walton T. Roth, 5 books
Paul M. Insel, 4 books
Rebecca J. Donatelle, 4 books
John Lloyd, 3 books
Ron Morton, 3 books
David J. Anspaugh, 3 books
Keith Tones, 3 books
Michael H. Hamrick, 2 books
John Quinn, 2 books
Chantal Simon, 2 books
Eric Walker, 2 books
Anne-Marie Barry, 2 books
Eric Golanty, 2 books
Gordon Edlin, 2 books
Don Nutbeam, 2 books
Dept.of Health, 2 books
Office for National Statistics, 2 books
Nancy R. Rue, 2 books
Richard Linton, 2 books
Ellen Annandale, 2 books
Noreen Wetton, 2 books
Jackie Green, 2 books
Janet R Weber, 2 books
Jane Kelley, 2 books
Toni Richards, 2 books


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