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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Stendhal, 41 books
Michel Crouzet, 16 books
Henri Martineau, 13 books
Paul Arbelet, 10 books
Philippe Berthier, 9 books
Jean Prévost, 8 books
Pierre Jourda, 7 books
Francine Marill, 7 books
Stefan Zweig, 7 books
Henri Cordier, 6 books
Victor Del Litto, 5 books
Léon Blum, 5 books
Armand Caraccio, 5 books
Jean Mélia, 5 books
Georges Blin, 5 books
Charles Dédéyan, 5 books
Friedrich, Hugo, 4 books
Henri-François Imbert, 4 books
Francine Marill-Alberes, 4 books
Victor Del Litto, 4 books
Gian Franco Grechi, 4 books
Jean Dutourd, 4 books
Henri Martineau, 4 books
Jean-Jacques Hamm, 3 books
Rudolf Kayser, 3 books


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