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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert Walser, 15 books
Dorothea Elisabeth Walser, 4 books
Jochen Greven, 4 books
Robert Mächler, 3 books
Andreas Gössling, 3 books
Carl Seelig, 2 books
Fischer, Anton, 2 books
Peter Utz, 2 books
Bernhard Echte, 2 books
Peter Hamm, 2 books
Hans Dieter Zimmermann, 2 books
Jürg Amann, 2 books
Jürg Amann, 2 books
Urs Herzog, 2 books
Jean-Maurice Martin, 1 book
Yongrok Oh, 1 book
Martin, Jean-Maurice., 1 book
Meier, Andreas, 1 book
Guido Stefani, 1 book
Paolo Chiarini, 1 book
Suter, Martin, 1 book
Hamm, Peter, 1 book
Nicole Pelletier, 1 book
Lukas Rüsch, 1 book
Walter Lüssi, 1 book


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